ADSU Recovery is the land based part of the Unit primarily tasked with the recovery of competitors and craft from inaccessible areas such as the Avon Valley. With a secondary role of assisting the entire ADSU operation with vehicular support, we also provide additional logistical capabilities to the ADSU boat crews and their rescue/sweep boats thought the race.

Each 2man Recovery Team is made up of a 4WD vehicle and trailer capable of carrying one of the Avon Decent craft and their crew. With the use of VHF and UHF radios they are mobilised along the course of the river to various check points and hot spots such as rapids to assist as required.

Well-equipped 4WD’s with experienced drivers and navigators are required each year to be part of the ADSU Recovery. Training is provided throughout the years with Recovery specific training and orientation provided over the weekend prior to the actual race weekend.